Bali, Nusa Dua Beach, and Meliá Bali

The “Meliá Bali The Garden Villas Resort” is showing wonderful Spanish and Balinese architectural elements flowing in one another charmfully, and the great park around this resort is Balinese and a tropic recreation field.
A mystic beach-way from here to the “Laguna Resort”, the “Westin Bali Resort”, the “Nusa Dua Beach Resort”, the “Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua” down to the “Nikki-Beach Resort” is safe, secure and romantic.
All pools in these resorts are styled wonderful and are of large sizes. –
The Nusa Dua resorts are each a real place to be.
Never fall asleep while spending your time at the beach, for your things like backpack, bag, money or shoes can be taken away – that may happen very often.

To walk outside of the luxury-zones to the more real Indonesian Bali can instantly turn to be dangerous and is disillusioning:

many indigenous people do not have for life what they really need.

Most of Balinese people and especially those who are not connected by an old PC or Mac with the global internet do not understand our western culture and have no idea about our western world. –
Misunderstanding why one may travel to Bali therefore may easily turn out to be preprogrammed.
I did not see another solo-traveller except me – but I felt extremely well in the richness and beauty of tropic plants, garden-design, world-music in the evenings, friendly well trained indigenous waiters in restaurants and in experiencing the fire-shows to view from up in the first level in the “Sofitel Bali” every evening. –
And even all my walks back home to my hotel and room were cared for and watched by armed resort security guides – and armed police is present 24 hours all days and placed around all luxury-resorts as well.
The Balinese-Blessing on Sunday evening was an experience in the spirit of Balinese religion and culture – and was connected with a fire-dance-show – in meeting European minds:

I allowed the rice-blessing to be placed on my forehead only, and the “cleansing” water-blessing poured into my hands – I did not drink the blessing-water inside my body, but merely I washed my hands with it.
In clash of cultures, it is difficult to take sides with inferior parties – just by your self and through your private motives for thrive you are drawn to prefer to identify with the rich, the beautiful, with the view of the investors and with the vision of the resort owners.
A real problem you learn to understand while travelling in any development country is not selling or/and buying of this and that, but poverty, severe poverty, and extreme poverty combined with lack of education, a narrow horizon, antisocial behaviour, and also connected with the tremendous fact that the governments in development countries through their laws heavily criminalise their own poor indigenous people and impoverished citizens, who all try hard to make their living, to make their money somehow and to just survive on any way.
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